Bikini Wax

Professional Bikini Wax in Ballantyne

Tired of skin rash and razor burn on your bikini line?

Let the professionals remove your hair quickly and easily leaving your skin feeling new and soft with a bikini wax. Shaving can leave red bumps and dry skin. A bikini wax can leave you hair free for longer while removing the dead skin. Our professionals make it as quick and painless as possible leaving you ready for the beach!

Using the Best Waxing Products

Waxing can be painful enough which is why we use only the best products for your waxing needs. Our products won’t dry out your skin so you have a clear beautiful finish when you are done.

Bikini Wax @ only $35.00

Legs & Bikini Wax @ only $80.00

*Pricing may vary by person. We regard that we cannot perform waxing services on clients who are suing Retin-A, Accutane, or Antibiotics for the treatment of a skin condition. If you have sensitive skin please allow 24 hours before exposure to the sun after your waxing service.

Schedule Your Biking Wax at Charlotte's Best!

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