Eyebrow Waxing & Shaping

Eyebrow Shaping

Let Us Shape Your Eyebrows

Our Charlotte experts can give you those perfect eyebrows you have been longing for with our shaping specialist. We can pick the right style of eyebrow to shape perfectly to your face. Although it can be very challenging to get the exact shape through waxing, our specialist is a pro & has been doing it for years.

Why Eyebrow Waxing

If completed by a professional, eyebrow waxing is the best way to remove the unwanted hairs and give your eyebrows the shape you want. It is much quicker than threading as we know your time is important and want you to focus on the more relaxing part of your spa experience. It also acts as a mini peel and helps to remove dead skin cells around your eyebrows. Let us show you how can have the perfect eyebrows that will last longer.

Eyebrows @ only $10.00

Get the Perfect Eyebrows in Minutes!

Schedule today for a quick eyebrow waxing service so we can show you how to have the perfect shape.